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About Deborah Court books

In addition to a successful academic career, including five academic books and dozens of academic articles, I finally have time to write fiction! The Maggie Dunn books tell engrossing stories and present cracking good mysteries. More fiction and more academic books are in the works!

The trilogy is now complete! Summer's Lie, When Bodies Fall and

The Reason for Time can be purchased separately from Amazon, or bought as a trilogy.

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Summer's Lie

May 2020

In Summer's Lie we meet Jane, who, after a strange chemical fog blankets Toronto, becomes gravely ill. As she recovers in hospital it becomes clear that this middle aged woman is getting younger. She flees the hospital, pursued by the geneticist who is determined to unlock the secret of her astonishing age reversal in order to gain scientific fame and fortune. How can she build a normal life?

When Bodies Fall

September 2020

When Bodies Fall

continues the story of Jane Emily Daniels, a scientific miracle whose body may hold the secrets of eternal youth. Her real identity is known only to a small group of doctors, and she creates a new persona, Maggie Dunn, in order to live some kind of normal life. She flees Canada and finds refuge in the Isle of Skye.  Her newfound peace is shattered by a violent and mysterious death. She finds herself a suspect in this death, as wily Scottish police detective Jack Wallace works to unravel the puzzle and Maggie struggles to maintain the life she has built and to protect her secrets.  Will she succeed, or will she have to flee again?

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The Reason for Time

January 2021

Maggie Dunn is coming home, to confront her past, reclaim her life and perhaps finally, to stop running.

But Maggie's health is failing. She is sick and confused. Could her thirty-year age reversal be unraveling? Is her body unable, finally, to sustain her transformation, a year and a half earlier, from a woman in her mid-sixties to a woman in her mid-thirties? To whom can she turn?

Together with her failing health, Maggie is faced with a shadowy pursuer who is determined, this time, not to let her slip through his fingers. When the crisis comes, her friends find that her fate is more shocking than anything they could have imagined. Will their determination be enough to save her?

Now available in paperback and kindle:
The Light Behind the Door
A fantasy novel for adult and young adult readers

October 2021

Liliana Erdos is being raised by her grandfather in the small town of Rock Valley.

She is often a victim of middle school teasing because of her hunched back.

But Lili has a secret: her back is hunched because beautiful gossamer wings are hidden inside.

When she flies she is guarded from the forest floor below by her faithful dog, Rudi,

who has been sent to Rock Valley, and to Lili, by the Great Council of Dogs.

A great darkness has begun to rise in Rock Valley, a darkness embodied in a huge red dog

who roams the streets and forest. Lili knows, without understanding why, that she must find

again the door in the sky that opens on a brilliant, healing light.

With the help of Rudi, of two friends with special gifts of their own, and of another, unexpected hero,

Lili must find the door, open it wider and risk all to save her family, her friends, and Rock Valley itself.


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Three original contributions to the study of culture: Qualitative Research and Intercultural Understanding (2018) and A Brief History of Knowledge for Social Science Researchers (2020), and Insider-Outsider Research: New Perspective on Method and Meaning (2022), all published by Routledge/Taylor and Francis.


2021: The Israeli Druze Community in Transition: Between Tradition and Modernity, with Randa Khair Abbas, published by Cambridge Scholars. The only book its kind in English, portraying the lives and values of the Israeli Druze, who are at a crossroads between their traditional way of life and the demands and challenges of modernity.






2022: Aspects of Social Justice in an Arab Israeli Teachers' College: Principles, Practices and Politics, published by Cambridge Scholars, Edited by Deborah Court, Randa Khair Abbas and Zaki Kamal. 







2023: Social Justice in Multicultural Settings. Edited by Deborah Court, Randa Khair Abbas, Zaki Kamal and Riam Abu Much. A fascinating and important collection of articles on social justice and education in Israel the US, the UK, Italy, Turkey, Canada and other countroes. Inlucing contributions by Professors James A. Banks and Cherry McGee Banks. Published by Cambridge Scholars. 


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